A photographic illustration of bike building steps by Tri Sport Arabia.

Build Your Bike

The following photo steps show what is needed to build a bike. Please note that this may not be a comprehensive list, some steps may not be complete, the photos may not show all intermediate steps or fine adjustments, different frames, components, accessories, and tools may be different in setup or ways of operating from what is shown here, and it is just intended as a general guideline and not a proper reference to building a bike. Always refer to manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. We highly recommend that you have your bike built and checked by a professional bike mechanic.


1. Items needed to build a bike:

Items needed to build a bike


2. Tools needed to build a bike:

Tools needed to build a bike


3. Fork:



3. Seatpost/Saddle:


4. Wheels:


5. Brakes:


6. Barfly (Optional):


7. Handlebar:


8. Rear Derailleur:


9. Shifters:


10. Cables in Right Shifters:


11. Cable Covers - Right Brakes:


12. Cable in Left Shifters:


13. Cable Cover Left Brakes:


14. Rear Derailleur Cable:


15. Front Derailleur Cable:


16. Taping Cables to Handlebar:


17. Bartape:


18. Bottom Bracket:


19. Crankset:


20. Front Derailleur:


21. Chain:


22. Rear Derailleur Adjustment:


23. Front Derailleur Adjustment:


24. Cable Caps:


25. Backlight (Optional):


26. Pedals:


27. Bottle Holders (Optional):


28. BIKE: